About Us

Company Overview

Torin Inc. is a leading provider of automotive aftermarket products based in the United States. We boast several widely recognized brands in the realm of automotive repair, maintenance, and vehicle lifting equipment, offering users a range of high-quality, diverse products, and comprehensive garage design solutions.

Our Brands

Torin Big Red Jack

Torin Big Red Jack focuses on providing reliable, high-performance jack products, catering to maintenance needs across various vehicle types.

Black Jack

Black Jack is dedicated to offering cost-effective automotive repair tools and accessories, supporting economical choices for users.


The Torin brand provides comprehensive vehicle lifting equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency during vehicle maintenance and upkeep.


TCE stands as a leading brand in high-end automotive repair equipment and tools designed specifically for professional technicians and automotive enthusiasts.


Road DAWG offers convenient, practical accessories, and tools for vehicles, enhancing driving experiences with comfort and safety in mind.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket provides diverse, high-performance vehicle lifting tools, streamlining the vehicle maintenance process.

Jack Boss

Jack Boss is committed to providing car owners with high-quality, reliable automotive repair solutions, ensuring safe vehicle operation.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing users with exceptional automotive products and comprehensive garage design solutions through continual innovation and technological advancements, ensuring vehicle safety, reliability, and delivering the finest driving experiences.

Company Values

  • Quality Assurance: We pledge to provide high-quality, reliable, and durable automotive products, ensuring users attain optimal performance and value.
  • Innovation-Driven: We continuously explore innovative technologies and designs to offer users the most advanced automotive products and solutions.
  • Customer-Centric: Customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit; we listen to users' needs and strive to exceed expectations, providing exceptional service and support.

Our Commitment

Whether you're an automotive enthusiast, professional technician, or vehicle maintenance expert, Torin Inc. is committed to offering you the most suitable automotive products and comprehensive garage design solutions. Our product range is extensive, with flexible pricing to meet diverse user needs. Join us and experience the superior quality that our automotive products offer!