Torin 8-Pieces Garage Storage Cabinets

Torin 8-Pieces Garage Storage Cabinets

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Contains Below:

Locker * 2
Wall * 3
1-Drawer Cabinet * 1
4-Drawer Cabinet * 1
71 in Worktop * 1

  • Adjustable legs of this heavy duty storage cabinet help to keep level balance and also there are back slots to allow for wall connection for added stability and to prevent tipping
  • All garage storage cabinets are fully lockable to keep safe and have side holes to connect them together with less effort, also, doors have magnetic latches
  • Tall lockable storage cabinet contains 3 shelves with loading capacity of 150 lbs while being adjustable in 3" increments and bearing slides for the drawer cabinet have 100 lbs loading capacity
  • This heavy duty steel storage cabinet is constructed with a scratch and stain resistant powder coated finish steel wall making it very practical for your garage or workshop when in use
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